1 Eyed Whale

Chan Chu Toad

Turtle Girl

Lama Bear 2

Llama Bear 1

Ernie’s Journey

3 eyed whale 2

Ernie’s Journey Cover concept

Fish Guard 1

PM Octopus

Beach Buggy Buddies

Squid Boy versus The Evil Octobot

Grunge the golden heart drain robot

The Trojan Dragon and the mouse

mad scientist & Lab Rat – self portrait

Leonardo turtle flight attempt 64-b

the duck juggler

Pink Ribbon Foxy Dog

my Frankenstein creature pet

Kalani the girl from the Lighthouse

Steve and his guitars

Queen Elizabeth Snail

Emu Creek Pictures

The Artist Guru


Lotus Leaf Walker

Shark-man and Blowfish-boy


Circus Talk

Jellyfish maker

The Ocean Reef Builder’s

Snorkelling Stork

Ernie the Galapagos Tortoise

Fish Out of Water

The Gift


my pet

Dragon King wedding Set

Dragon King wedding set 2

Fish Guard Puffer

Creature Design – 1

creature design 3

creature design 2

Fish Guard – Squidly

Fish Guard – stupid and angry

Whale 4

Whale 5

Whale 6 – 3 eyed whale shark

the fish submarine recycler

The Mayors Temple

Mrs Tangarello & Bobby

Waldo the Pebble stacking Crab

Flying Fish of the Gibson Desert

Turtle Love

Luella Queen of the animals

Mouse and her presents

spotted bottom pebble creature


its not all walking on the sunny side

Mad Scientist with 2 & 1/2 brains

The sinister Count Catapillar

Labyrinth city


pure duck water

wooh…bubble dog

Mouse and the cheese

Mouse – the present

The chubby penguin and the fish.


droopy & The general

The Flying Traveler.

At Home

Creature head sketch

Dressed up

The Traveler

Flotsam and jetsam

Lost World

blue road

Mt Seymour

Lighthouse in the storm


Lake Districts UK

How to train your Dragon 2

How to train your Dragon 3

How To Train Your Dragon 4

fanta island

Amalfi Coast

Hidden Gateway

Fish sketches

Artist in Motion

Artist In Motion

Artist In Motion

Artist In Motion

Artist In Motion

Lego Ninjago Film

Lego Ninjago.

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