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  • ThorDigital Domain Vancouver-concept artist/senior matte painter
  • Resident Evil RetributionMr X Inc. Toronto-concept artist/senior matte painter
  • Kingdom of HeavenDouble Negative UK-senior matte painter
  • Moulin RougeAnimal Logic Australia-animator/concept artist/3D supervisor
  • Lord of the RingsThe Fellowship of the Ring – Animal Logic Australia – art director/3d supervisor
  • Happy FeetAnimal Logic Australia-additional art director
  • Wolverine-Rising Sun Pictures Australia-concept artist
  • The Painted VeilFuel international Australia-concept artist/senior matte painter
  • KnowingAnimal Logic Australia-concept artist/lead matte painter
  • How to train your Dragon-International Arena productionSpinifex Australia-concept artist/matte painter
  • Paradise LostOwen Patterson Production Designer– concept artist production design
  • Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of GaHooleAnimal Logic Australia-senior matte painter
  • AustraliaRising Sun Pictures Australia-art director/lead matte painter
  • Spirit-Rising Sun Pictures Australia-concept artist/matte painter
  • SpeedracerRising Sun Pictures-Australia-concept artist/matte painter
  • Rome HBO seriesThe Senate VFX UK -senior matte painter
  • The SapphiresMethod Studios Australia-concept artist
  • ValiantVanguard Animation Studios UK-senior matte painter
  • Doom-Double Negative UK- senior matte painter
  • SBS Tour De FranceProdigy Australia-concept artist/matte painter
  • Kaiser Permanente Emerald CitiesAnimal Logic Australia-lead matte painter
  • Chevy Silverardo Apocalypse SuperbowlMethod Studios Australia-concept artist/matte painter
  • Guinness EvolutionFramestore UK-concept artist /matte painter
  • Tooheys Nocturnal MigrationAlt VFX Australia-concept artist/matte painter
  • Tiger Beer-Singapore-Fuel international Australiaconcept artist/matte painter
  • Nintendo-Metroid Fusion-Animal Logic Australia-art direction/concept artist
  • Nissan Murano-Fuel international Australiamatte painter
  • BaitMethod Studios Australia-concept artist/matte painter
  • Few Best MenMethod Studios Australia-concept artist/matte painter

Media Articles


The VFX behind the making of the feature film THOR

THOR: Eric FernandesCG Supervisor, Digital Domain

Posted by Vincent Frei


What were your references for Jotunheim?

As with any film we looked at a ton of reference, from Mayan/Inca pyramid designs to Gothic architecture reminiscent of bombed out churches and other structures in World War II. We looked at anything that evoked primitive yet powerful societies, as well as reference of cities that have decayed over time. Additionally we had some very talented concept artists on the film, and our matte painters David Woodland and Mat Gilson did a lot of concept art to establish the look of the world along with Claas Henke. It was a very collaborative process with director Kenneth Branagh and all of the folks at Marvel, which was a lot of fun for us. They gave us a lot of leeway to pitch ideas and concepts to them and really treated us as a partner in helping to design the world and figure out what worked and what didnt work in the context of the story.


Cinefex 89 Lord Of The Rings-The Fellowship of the Ring

Publisher-Don Shay, Article Jody Duncan


The final vision was a complex 3D composite awarded to Animal Logic, which assembled the photographic elements of a large mill-turned factory miniature-designed by John Howe-and matte painted backgrounds.

David Woodland designed the look of the water filled vision bowl viewing plane- the most complicated thing about it was trying to make it look watery and still get us into the Hobbiton scene’, noted Chris Godfrey.



Interview on ‘The Making of Moulin Rouge’, Moulin Rouge by director Baz Luhrman (DVD)

Animal Logic Film


THOR (2011) : Alternate Weapon & Armor Designs For The Frost Giants Of Jotunheim

Article ComicBookMovie.com. By nailbiter111 -12/12/2013

“Matte painter and concept artist, David Woodland (Woody), helped design the look of the Frost Giants of Jotunheim for Kenneth Branagh’s 2011 film, Thor. The designs focus on the creatures body markings, weapons, and armor. Also, some concepts for the Bifrost.”

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